Lease Agreement


For the letting of holiday home ‘The House Under the Lime Tree’

Contracting Parties

Participant of the agreement at lease recreational property ‘The House Under the Lime Tree’, Bernartice No. 01 is married couple MUDr. Zorka and Mgr. Milan Dušánkovi

Authorized Representative: Mgr. Milan Dušánek


Mobile: +420 776144891

(Hereinafter referred to as ‘Lessor’)


and renters that may be physical and legal entities (Hereinafter referred to as ‘Lessee’).


Subject of the Agreement

This agreement establishes a legally binding relationship, the subject of which is the provision of the below specified services by the Lessor to the Lessee and the payment of the below specified fee for these services by the Lessee.

By entering into this contract, the Lessor enables the Lessee to use residential premises located in Bernartice, Czech Republic at the address: Bernartice 01, Trutnov, 542 04.

Origin of the Agreement

Lessee will send E-mail order, whereas is responsible for rightness and entirety of all data. This order will be send to: .

After the agreement of Lessor and after paying the deposit the legal relationship begins. At the same time these general conditions become binding for both parties.



Payment Terms and Conditions

Price includes accommodation for max. 19 people in absolute privacy, or there is a possibility to lease single room.
In the price of accommodation are: bed - clothes, hothouse, all energies, and firewood for the chimney place or for outer fire.
House is rented all year usually for a week (from Saturday 14:00 to the Saturday 10:00) or accordingly to an agreement.

General price for lease assembling from advance payment and additional payment.

Advance payment £150 (or £250 for New Year's Eve Party stay) serves like reverse deposit that will be returned at backward handover object, if this object will be in the same state, in what was handed over. Lessor is entitled, after settlements with Lessee, take off negotiation amount for special cleaning or damage.

Advance payment in appraised value send please to the Lessor account: (KB c.7844550207/ 0100)
As the variable symbol write please name: (e.g. John Smith)
Constant symbol: date of accommodation (e.g. 25.08.2007 = 25082007)
After the payment arrives to Lessor account, he will acknowledge your reservation immediately.
Additional charge will be paid in cash after presentation of the property to the Lessee. Amount is given by the price list mentioned on Internet pages: .




In the event of you not showing up in the concerted day or cancel the order , advance payment stays with the Lessor.


Final Provisions

The Lessor is not responsible for the damages of the Lessee originating from wilful actions or disobedience to house orders.